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You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped Blessingvh Art become a reality

It is amazing seeing all of the fellow Peace Doves decorating their homes with paintings and sculptures from Blessingvh Art. Each alluring work of art is a spellbinding adventure of pure bliss that has been faithfully handcrafted for the freeist environmental loving free spirits.

Creating beauty out of ashes ~Blessing Harison

Before I created Blessingvh Art, I was obsessed with creating art out of things that people didn't want. Growing up in generational poverty taught me to look for the potential out of everything. While other artists were quick to toss things aside, I held onto them, waiting for them to speak to me.

After just starting to branch out into the real world, I found myself homeless. I was also experiencing the harshest artistic burnout I had ever had. I got extremely upset one day that I took a wood panel, my acrylic paints, and created a painting using only my fingers. As I admired my handiwork, I was reminded that the real world is super toxic and extremely broken. But every time I made art, I felt as if I was making the world just a little less broken.

I was worried that no one would consider my art “worthy” for their homes. There I was, a relatively new college graduate, making art either with my fingers or making art with cardboard and other leftovers that professional artists toss out without a second thought.

But then...

After I started creating in public areas, people noticed. They said my incredibly bright colors gave them hope. My art made them smile from ear to ear. They told me it was so different from the art prints they often saw at Walmart. For just a moment in time, I made their world a little less broken.

I decided I set out to create the most imaginative, vibrant, electrifying works of art for the most free spirited, environmental loving, eclectic with a side of country, collectors in the world.

It turns out...

The road was more like a cataclysmic series of events than I ever imagined.

I didn't know...

If the art I made was something people felt comfortable displaying in their home. Popular home decor magazines always featured art of a very minimalist style.

I knew that free spirited people were out there, so I started posting my art on social media more regularly. I figured, if I can show them that my art makes the world less depressing, they would be thrilled having it in their homes.

As I finished my first collection...

And as the clocked ticked down to finally launch my Twinkle Twinkle Ocean Star Collection, I was terrified. My biggest fear was failing because numerous people constantly told me I failed at life before, during my time of homelessness. All of the awful memories from that time drowned my mind and completely took over my body.

With the help of my closest friends, I was able to break free from all of those horrible flashbacks and release my first collection. The response has been like a roller coaster ride never to be forgotten.

The best part?

Watching how much our little community of Peace Doves has grown. It is amazing seeing all of y’all decorate y’alls homes with my art because I know it makes the world just a bit better.

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