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Decora con paz y amor

Creando belleza en lugar de cenizas

Hago mucho más diferente a Blessingvh Art. Hago obras de arte con materiales raros. Deseo ver la potencial y belleza en cada cosa. ¿Por qué no mira y descubrir los talentos que Dios me bendice?

Blissful words from the Peace Dove nest
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Arts and Crafts

Introducing my new diy watercolor box

A bright colorful diy watercolor box made as a labor of luv 🎨👩🏿‍🎨 These hands decorated a prettyful gouache watercolor box Contents ~~~~ What I used to decorate my metal tin watercolor box Nail polish Sharpies and copic markers Top coat nail polish The markers make a squeaky sound. If that bothers you, you’re better off using alcohol inks. Don’t inhale nail polish too long. 🤣 If you layer with nail polish, you could use glazing techniques to make luminescent colors. 🤩 Also the rimmel london nail polish is super opaque I used this to contrast with my semi opaque sinful colors polish 💅🏿 Experiement with top coats! 🤗 I enjoyed the glitter and glow in the dark, but there’s

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