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Creando belleza en lugar de cenizas

Hago mucho más diferente a Blessingvh Art. Hago obras de arte con materiales raros. Deseo ver la potencial y belleza en cada cosa. ¿Por qué no mira y descubrir los talentos que Dios me bendice?

Blissful words from the Peace Dove nest
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Changing how I plein air with gouache

I guess serendipity describes what happened with my crayola paleto that now changes the way I will plein air with gouache 🤔🤭 A couple years ago I created a homemade plein air paleto after I discovered that my winsor & Newton gouache was rewettable. one urban sketching essential I tried to diy was a folding board to place my paleto and watercolor paper on top of. I created my own urban sketching diy with an old crayola paleto ✨✨✨ I have also been working on a diy sketchbook watercolor because of following the white rabbit 🥰 Video timestamps ~~~ 00:00 theme song and intro 03:36 my old folding board 13:29 my new folding board 17:56 what happened to my paleto? 31:18

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