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Whimsical Murphie Christmas wall decor ideas boho home decor farmhouse


The fun begins with whimsical boho Christmas decor.

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Who could say no to Christmas wall decor ideas?

Take a giant step to unlock the secrets of country living room Christmas decor ideas.

A medley of spotted periwinkle & blue violet patterns

Medleys of spotted periwinkle & blue violet patterns are authentic in every detail for pure enjoyment for your fireplace mantel Christmas decor for years to come.

Dazzling doggie eyes

Your country style wall décor will luv the way these dazzling doggie eyes capture the spirit of living classics as a unique Christmas decoration.

Modeled after my sister's dog, Murphie

Being modeled after my sister’s dog, Murphie, gives you the assurance of cherishing a treasured boho Christmas decor heirloom that embodies the beauty of a vanished world.

Painting measures 7in (17.8cm) x 10in (25.4cm)

This painting, measuring at 7in (17.8cm) x 10in (25.4cm), puts your mind at ease as it fits well into frames that are easily accessible from most stores. Choosing your own frame makes this painting ready for all of your farmhouse living room Christmas decor ideas. Check out more heirloom works of art.

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to decorate your farmhouse with a unique Christmas decoration that takes your wall décor to the next level.

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