Rally Day


I am selling some artwork I have made in person at my church during our annual Rally Day celebration. I will also be selling my greeting cards. It would be awesomesauce if you could come say hello.


Rally Day is a Saturday where we basically just come to church and relax, play games, and celebrate the ending of summer and our members coming back from vacation. There will be food and drinks. Just bring your own lawn chair.


This year it will be Saturday, September 11th from 4-7pm. It is also 20 years after 9/11 happened, so I ask that you come not only to see me, but to take some time to pray for our country.


I am a member of Advent Lutheran Church which is apart of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. 

Our address and phone number are,

1416 Vernon Rd

LaGrange, GA 30240

(706) 882-0130

If you know the LaGrange area, we are across the street from the private school and we are near the hospital.


I am selling my art here because Peace Doves have messaged me over the last few years and asked if there was any way they can buy from me in person. A lot of you are tech scared and would rather pay me in person compared to using the Paypal checkout system.

So when my church asked me to feature my art, I had to say yes. This will also be the first time I sell my art in person not as Blessing Harison, but as Blessing the small business owner!

Prior to this event, I have sold art at two fairs with no business knowledge whatsoever. This is a time for me to show off all that I’ve learned.


I will be selling my stuff at a small booth. I am selling four paintings: one is 8in x 10in, two 11in x 14in, and one 16in x 20in. They are framed behind glass. I am also going to be selling my greeting cards.

I will take cash, but I also will be accepting payments via the Cash App. No checks will be accepted.

Here are the prices for the paintings:

My greeting cards will match the pricing of them on my website. Each painting will be fully framed under a mat board and behind glass. I used archival products to make all my works of art both large and small.

“Spooky Graveyard Iron Fence” ~ (8in x 10in) $60

“College Clock Tower” ~ (16in x 20in) $300

“Blue Calla Lilies” ~ (11in x 14in) $180

“Largemouth Fish” ~ (11in x 14in) $180

All I ask is that you respect each piece whether a painting or a card, and do not try to haggle with me.

Also please don’t say mean things like, “I would never spend that much on a painting/card.”, “I would buy it but…”, “The price is too high./I can’t afford it.”, “I can just make it myself.”, “You must be a starving artist because I don’t how any artists make money unless they’re dead./other starving artist assumptions.”, “How much do you really make in your business?/other super personal business questions.”, etc.

These types of questions really frazzle me as I suffer from personal health conditions. They also make me not want to sell anything to you. The really personal “what is in your bank account as a business owner?” type of questions straight up creep me out.

Want a discount at the church? You can either join the Peace Dove Nest here and show me a screencap of the coupon, or join the Peace Dove Nest by writing your email in person (I will bring a notebook and pen) to get 20% off!

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